Disney is reducing its environmental impact through projects big and small. From investing in reforestation around the world to reducing our electricity consumption, we are taking strong strides to help preserve the planet.


Disney announced a set of ambitious long-term goals in 2009 to reduce our environmental impact and inspire our employees, business associates and consumers to take action for the environment. Current scientific conclusions indicate that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are urgently required to avert accelerated climate change. Scarcity of natural resources and threats to ecosystems and biodiversity are serious environmental issues. These challenges demand fundamental changes in the way society, including businesses, use natural resources, and Disney is no exception. Some of our businesses are resource intensive and require special attention to environmental considerations, such as land use at our parks or fuel for our cruise lines.

We made further progress in 2010 integrating environmental considerations into our daily decisions and actions, as well as in strengthening our commitment to conserve nature for future generations. In March 2010, President and CEO Bob Iger shared his vision on the importance of environment and conservation for businesses at the Wall Street Journal Eco:Nomics Conference. Please visit the video gallery to view a portion of his comments.

The diversity and scope of Disney’s operations present a challenge to create a uniform global environmental strategy. Our varied business models and regional operations affect different aspects of the natural environment. Different approaches are required to address what are often localized issues. Our Environmental Council, comprised of Disney business unit leaders, is working to establish and evaluate long-term environmental goals and medium-term targets, identify approaches to emerging issues, determine cross-business efficiency opportunities, and support innovation. Our business units are then responsible for crafting strategies and solutions for achieving the goals and targets.

In this section we share our progress toward the environmental goals and commitments, which align to our Environmental Policy. Please also visit Disney’s report to the Carbon Disclosure Project for more information on our efforts.