Family Entertainment


Parents and caregivers are an important audience that guides our thinking on developing age-appropriate children's entertainment. We seek out dialogue with parents at our parks, at focus groups and screenings, and via multiple online platforms and social media. Feedback from parents and caregivers is critical to creating quality entertainment that meets the needs of today's diverse families.

We encourage parents to be actively engaged with their children in viewing Disney content or experiencing our movies, parks and online platforms. Throughout our entertainment, we hope to provide forums and content that both value and respect children and give adults a point of connection to the children in their lives.

In our 2008 Report, we included a "Helpful Cues for Parents" guide that indicates different types of cues to help parents determine what is right for their family and children. These cues include branding signals, ratings, signage, gating, and other forms of parental information.


In advertising and marketing, we take special care with respect to children 12 and under. For programming designed for this age group, we maintain guidelines for advertisers, both internal and external, on all our media outlets.

Our guidelines include standards that advertising to children not be deceptive, inappropriate, unfair or exploitative in any way. To manage the implementation of these standards, the Company maintains a dedicated staff of Standards professionals who review all kids programming before airing, including commercial content for our kids television and radio networks. In addition, Disney is a member and supporter of the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the National Advertising Review Council (NARC).

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