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In 2010, impassioned British chef Jamie Oliver imported his enthusiasm for healthy eating to America, tackling obesity and heart disease in a brand-new series on ABC, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Debuting in March 2010, this six-episode series followed Jamie's efforts to help residents of Huntington, West Virginia, eat more balanced meals and cook with fresh ingredients.

Food Revolution is about health, good living, cooking and nourishment. By following Jamie's experiences, the television show demonstrated what can happen when a community commits to healthier living, in their homes and in their schools. In Huntington, 26 schools converted their menus to include Jamie's more healthy options. As part of the series, Jamie also opened a local cooking center where residents can find healthy recipes and learn how to cook them.

Stay tuned for season two of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, when Jamie takes his ideas and spirit to Los Angeles.

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Disney puts the safety of kids first in the real world, whether it is on television, in a store, or in a theme park. This commitment to safety holds true in our "virtual" worlds as well. While the rules of the Web continue to develop, Disney has taken a proactive leadership stance on online safety for children.

By uniting Disney's animated characters from the popular Disney Channel series "Phineas and Ferb" with Common Sense Media's "Rules of the Road" for smart and safe digital media, we are sharing tips and tools for families to manage the online environment.

A website created by Disney Online features tips about guarding privacy and protecting one's identity while online, balancing time spent in cyberspace, and thinking before texting or posting material online. Public service announcements highlighting these same messages also air on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Visit the site online at

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For nearly 25 years, Disney Store has delighted guests of all ages through interactive presentation, quality product and unique experiences. Each of the more than 300 Disney Stores aims to be "the best 30 minutes of a child's day."

As the local face of Disney, each Store also has an important role as a member of its community. One area of focus has been the carbon footprint of retail stores, distribution centers and corporate offices. We are addressing our environmental impact by driving sustainability principles into products and packaging, and encouraging workplace efforts to reduce, recycle and rideshare.

Disney Stores also give back to their communities through volunteerism and charitable assistance. In 2010, VoluntEARS from Disney Stores in North America and Europe contributed more than 100,000 hours of service through participation in local food drives, community cleanups, in-Store recycling programs, children's charitable activities, local fundraisers and wish granting. Nearly every Disney Store participates in at least one charitable activity each quarter. Store guests are also encouraged to participate in select programs.

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