Human Rights

Human Rights
Human Rights


Our commitment to people has always been a central focus of the Company, from our own employees and the communities in which we operate to the consumers who enjoy our products and services and the facility workers in the consumer product supply chain. For many years, we have had programs and practices to address our commitment to people and are now formally grouping these initiatives under a broader commitment to global human rights.

As a global company with diverse businesses, we recognize our responsibility to respect human rights. In 2010, we released a human rights statement that articulates more clearly our commitment and aligns with emerging best practices for companies.

In implementing our human rights commitments, we will focus on the following four areas.

  • Policy Statement: Our policy statement is a first step in articulating our commitment. Our priority over the next year is to communicate this policy more widely within the Company and further engage our employees in upholding and implementing it.
  • Assessment: We are enhancing our assessment of potential human rights impacts in targeted areas including our workplace practices, labor conditions in the supply chains making Disney-branded products and our role in promoting the well-being of children. Over the next year, we will refine our assessment process to ensure we are continuing to focus on the areas of greatest importance to our business.
  • Implementation: We seek to identify ways in which we can adopt best practices and new approaches that enable us to enhance human rights considerations.
  • Reporting: We will continue to share our progress in our biennial citizenship report.

In the development of our Human Rights Policy Statement and review of areas of opportunity, we looked to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and to the ongoing work of the United Nations’ Special Representative to the Secretary General on Business and Human Rights. In addition, we proactively sought input from key external stakeholders as we developed our policy statement.

See below for the full text of our Human Rights Policy Statement. For more information on our human rights programs and practices, please visit Disney Workplaces, International Labor Standards, Online Safety, and Governance in this report.