Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation
Building on a long legacy of nature conservation,
Disney is actively involved in protecting
habitats around the world, helping the planet
and the creatures who call it home. We connect
kids to nature to ignite their imagination
and develop lifelong conservation values.


Nature conservation is a rich part of Disney's history and a vital focus for our future. From the earliest nature movies, through the setting aside of nearly one-third of The Walt Disney World property as a dedicated wildlife conservation area in perpetuity, to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF), Disney has worked to preserve nature throughout the world.

Our approach to ecosystem and wildlife conservation includes:

  • Providing financial support to animal and conservation projects through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
  • Protecting ecosystems in collaboration with leading nonprofit organizations
  • Sharing our technical expertise to address conservation issues
  • Creating opportunities for children and families to discover, experience and support nature

We are highlighting nature conservation separately from the Environment section of this report because it is such an important component of our current work and our future investment.