Citizenship at Disney


We believe being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do: for our consumers and guests, our employees and our businesses. It makes our Company a desirable place to work, reinforces the attractiveness of our brands and entertainment, and strengthens our bonds with families, as well as our consumers, neighbors and business associates.

Our vision as a company is simple: to deliver, with integrity, the most consistently exceptional entertainment experiences for people of all ages and interests. We hold Disney corporate citizenship to the same high standard.

Our goal is to achieve exceptional performance by embedding corporate citizenship into all of our daily decisions and actions, guided by three core principles:

  • Act and create in an ethical manner and consider the consequences of our decisions on people and the planet
  • Champion the happiness and well-being of kids and families in our endeavors
  • Inspire kids, parents, employees and communities to make a lasting, positive change in the world

In 2010, we focused on carrying out this vision across our many businesses and on building accountability for implementing this vision. This is a work in progress, intended to strengthen our citizenship approach and our business performance. To better embed citizenship throughout the Company, we are moving toward a more comprehensive set of objectives, goals and commitments, which are previewed in the Looking Ahead section.

This Report

In this report, we cover eight key themes that significantly impact our businesses and are of interest to our many stakeholders:
  • Family Entertainment
  • Inspiring Kids and Communities
  • Nature Conservation
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Disney Workplaces
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Rights

These themes represent areas in which we can provide value to Disney and to the world around us. We discussed a number of them in our 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report. Others we address here for the first time.

Internal and external stakeholders helped shape these priorities. We also maintain an ongoing issues management process to identify areas of focus. This report does not address everything we do, have done or will do, but represents some important areas of ongoing focus.

We cover highlights and milestones of the past year and introduce challenges, opportunities and areas for further development. For information on additional topics, please visit the Citizenship website.

We are committed to biennial public reporting, with ongoing updates to data and programs. Our Parks & Resorts also regularly release Community Reports for our major sites around the world.

Citizenship Governance

Citizenship efforts at Disney are led by President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger and Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo. The Company´ s Citizenship group is led by Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship Leslie Goodman. Our organizational structure, reporting to the CFO, reinforces our belief that corporate citizenship is central to the business and brings long-term value to our shareholders.

Certain areas of the citizenship function — including community engagement, strategic philanthropy, environment and conservation, and international labor standards — have dedicated staff developing strategy, managing compliance and overseeing stakeholder engagement. In addition, an insights and integration team reporting to the Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship manages reporting, commitments and metrics, and analyzes emerging issues, trends and policy for the Company.

Citizenship efforts and performance are reported to the Disney Board of Directors on a periodic basis, with additional updates upon request or when business needs require it. Additionally, the Audit Committee of the Board regularly receives reports on the Company´ s international labor standards program.

Corporate Citizenship at Disney

Business Integration

Our executives and business unit leaders are committed to the highest level of corporate citizenship. Many executives serve on internal councils that advise the Company on corporate citizenship. For example, the Environmental Council, established in 2007, is comprised of senior representatives from across our many businesses with responsibility for meeting our environmental goals. These councils oversee operations and provide guidance, policy and strategy to citizenship efforts.

Employees throughout the Company also share their professional and personal time to guide the Company´ s citizenship activities. Many cast members and employees participate in working groups on key issues, such as on our Product Footprint Task Force. Globally, more than 150 cast members and employees serve as Green Team leaders. VoluntEARS Leadership Councils, involving more than 180 cast members and employees, provide advice and guidance to local Disney volunteer efforts.

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