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The Environment

The EnvironmentSince Disney's earliest days, the environment and conservation have been recurring themes addressed at our sites and through our creative content. Building on this legacy, we are making concerted efforts to embed environmental stewardship into the decisions and actions of our Cast Members and Guests through a series of programs and policies, grounded in science and leveraging the best of our company's talents and abilities.

At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, dedicated teams work to identify and understand the impact that our facilities, operations and products have on the environment. The cornerstones of our approach are conserving water, energy and ecosystems, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and inspiring others to take action for the environment.

Conserving Energy and Water

Our conservation strategies include improving water and energy efficiencies in existing operations as well as investing in new technologies and systems that better manage these important resources. We include water and energy management as an integral part in the planning of our future projects.

Creating a Positive Ecosystem Impact

Creating a Positive Ecosystem ImpactThe conservation of natural resources is integrated into all operations, future planning and development activities. Through partnerships with leading environmental organizations and the scientific and academic communities, we support the conservation of wildlife and habitats around the world through initiatives like the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. Conservation lands at many of our sites are managed with attention to native plant and animal species.


Reducing Emissions

Reducing EmissionsSeveral attractions and service vehicles operate on alternative fuels such as biodiesel and compressed natural gas, and we continue to explore and encourage the use of cleaner sources of renewable energy and biofuels. Programs overseen by commuter assistance teams promote the use of carpooling and alternative transportation to help decrease emissions.


Minimizing Waste

Minimizing WasteThe concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is practiced diligently wherever Walt Disney Parks and Resorts operates. Recycling efforts exist wherever possible both in Guest areas and behind the scenes, and we continually test and implement new initiatives to further decrease waste and facilitate recycling.


Inspiring Environmental Action

Inspiring Environmental ActionWe are committed to engaging our Cast Members, Guests, business partners and others in our environmental stewardship efforts. As an example, we are working to integrate environmental opportunities into products and experiences throughout our properties that drive home conservation messages and encourage Guests to take action when they return home.