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SafetyWhen Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland he saw an environment where families could have fun together in a safe and clean atmosphere. Today, safety remains the top priority for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Safety is the first of four quality standards - followed by courtesy, show and efficiency - that guide the operational decisions of more than 100,000 Cast Members worldwide. Our safety efforts are enhanced through partnerships with expert organizations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials, the International Association of Amusement Parks, the National Safety Council, Underwriters Laboratories and the International Association for Food Protection.

Below are brief descriptions of our key safety efforts. For additional safety information and updates please visit our Report on Safety.

Attraction Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Attraction Design, Manufacturing and InstallationAll of our attractions are designed by multidisciplinary teams who follow consistent processes and work to incorporate the most current safety technologies into their designs. In the manufacturing and production phase, we apply advanced safety technologies and adhere to a strictly controlled manufacturing process to monitor both the quality of our materials and the mechanical integrity of our rides. During installation, every attraction undergoes hundreds of hours of review and testing before the first Guest ever climbs aboard.

Attraction Operation and Maintenance

Attraction Operation and MaintenanceWith the safety of Guests constantly in the forefront, all Cast Members who operate attractions at our theme parks receive hands-on training in both general safety principles and the operational specifics of their designated attractions. It is also crucial that a ride be mechanically and structurally sound. That is why our rigorous maintenance efforts - which total thousands of hours of maintenance and inspection every day - are an integral part of our daily routine.


Compliance with Legal Regulations and Internal Standards

Compliance with Legal Regulations and Internal StandardsSince we began building and operating theme parks in the 1950s, we have established hundreds of internal standards for the development and operation of attractions. We conduct several different types of inspections in our parks each year in order to monitor compliance with our internal standards and governmental regulations.

Guest Safety

Guest SafetyWalt Disney Parks and Resorts takes a multifaceted approach to park safety that includes security, emergency response, emergency medical response, food safety and lifeguard training.




Cast and Crew Member Safety

Cast and Crew Member SafetyOur comprehensive workplace safety programs are designed to educate Cast Members on regulations, industry and consensus standards, as well as our own stringent Disney guidelines. Integrating our safety policies across the organization is critical to sustaining a safe workplace. We accomplish this integration through documentation and training, recognition of safety excellence, internal communication and information sharing. We monitor workplace conditions, Cast concerns and industry best practices in order to respond to safety issues in a timely, effective manner. We conduct regular health and safety audits and inspections - including safety self-assessments - to maintain our safety standards.

Safety at Sea - Disney Cruise Line

Safety at Sea—Disney Cruise LineAt Disney Cruise Line, the safety of Guests and Crew Members is the highest priority. Safety starts with building seaworthy vessels equipped with up-to-date safety features and operating them under an extensive set of strictly enforced protocols. Both Guests and Crew take part in mandatory safety drills during each cruise to make certain everyone is aware of onboard safety procedures. To monitor compliance with both internal standards and external requirements, our quality assurance department conducts regular audits of ship operations and continually tests each vessel against our 2,000-page Safety Management System for the documentation and verification of ship policy and operating procedures. We also work with the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Public Health Service to verify vessel and food safety.